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As contract manufacturers and brokers, with a wide ange of activities worldwide, your prepayment will be invoiced by Consolidated Accounts.

Do not pay any claim unless you have received an invoice from Impex first.


We pride ourselves in being competitive through cost-effective management of our client's orders.

We do not give credit but we have escrow and trading account options for regular clients.
See below.
All orders with a FOB value of less than EURO 175.000 are pre-payable.

Please find a choice of payment methods below.

Bank SWIFT - prepayment instructions:

Account name: IMPEX CIG ApS
Bank name: NyKredit

Our invoice to you will contain bank coordinates.

Please quote our INQUIRY number with the payment.

Credit Card prepayment instruction:

American Express, Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Discover
These are only accepted through PayPal or by clients with an account with IMPEX.

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Alternative prepayment methods:

We only accept prime-bank Letters of Credit transferable and on sight for amounts exceeding
EURO 175.000. Bank cost for buyer's account.

Cheques only accepted when issued by prime bank on buyer's own account or as bank-cheque.
Expect 30 days clearance and a EUR 100,00 admin. charge on all cheques..

Our general terms can be seen on our websites.

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